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The following laboratories, each with a long practical experience of PAC analyses have contributed to the validation of the DMAC/A2 assay :

Brunswick Laboratories, 50 Commerce Way Norton MA 20766, USA. « BL » stands for Brunswick Laboratories.

USDA-ARS, Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center, 15 Children’s Way, Little Rock, AR 72202, USA.
Contact: Ronald L. Prior, Ph.D. at

Laboratoires Agrobio, ZAC des Trois Marches, 3 Impasse de la Jonchée, 35132 Vezin le Coquet, France.
Contact: Mr Christian Nio at

Brunswick Laboratories (China), 320, A3 building, 218 Xing Hu Rd, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, CHINA.

Rutgers University - Marucci Center for Blueberry Cranberry Research, 125A Lake Oswego Rd. Chatsworth, NJ, 08019, USA.
Contact: Amy B. Howell, Ph.D. at

Complete Phytochemical Solutions, LLC, 317 South Street, Cambridge, WI 53523, USA.
Contact: Christian G. Krueger, Ph.D. at

The recent update was performed by:
ICT International Chemical Testing, 258 Main Street – Suite 202 MILFORD MA, USA.
Contact: Boxin Ou, Ph.D. at

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