The limited availability of the first DMAC/”PAC003” method, developed in 2000-2002, made it necessary to update and standardize the DMAC method to make it available to all potential users worldwide.

  • In a fast developing food supplement industry, a specific method was required, using a commercially available standard. Procyanidin A2 was selected and the standard operational procedures (SOP) were published in 2010.

  • The accurate measurement of total cranberry PACs remains a challenge due to their structural complexities and degree of polymerization. Some less specific methods grossly over-estimate the PAC content, whereas DMAC is specific, quick and inexpensive. Its precision is acceptable and its accuracy – even though it underestimates total PAC content – conventionally acceptable.

  • Recently the SOP of the DMAC method have been updated and published on this website.
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