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The results obtained by different methods vary from 1 to 5 fold !
Different standards in the DMAC assay also result in much higher results

  • The choice of a common DMAC/A2 assay is a matter of convention. The specificity
    of the method along with its precision and accuracy are the main criteria.

  • The reference method used in the French health claims was DMAC/A2. All other methods
    were rejected because of lack of specificity.

  • The precision of the method, validated by the French “accreditation Authority” COFRAC
    stands at 6,5 % RSD with a global uncertainty of about 13 %.

  • The use of other standards like the a.m. press cake standard would IMPROVE the accuracy
    of the DMAC assay and result in higher PAC values than those obtained with the A2 standard. However, these values are not the exact total PACs , A + B type for which no global standard is known today. To adequately measure total PACs in each individual cranberry ingredient, a specific standard for that ingredient would have to be developed.
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