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DMAC validation study was published in the “Journal of
the science of Food and Agriculture” in 2010.

  • The initial SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) were developed by Dr. Boxin Ou at Brunswick Laboratories, Norton MA. This explains the “BL” prefix. More recently, the SOP have been updated by Dr. Boxin Ou,at International Chemistry Testing (ICT), Milford MA. Click here.

  • The method is specific for phenolic compounds with meta-oriented di- or trihydroxyphenols as found in cranberry PACs.

  • DMAC does not react with the 3 other main constituents of cranberries like phenolic acids, flavonols and anthocyanins.

ICT Labs can assist all interested Parties with the start-up of the DMAC assay.

Contact: (Tony Chang, Ph.D.)

Information on one of the suppliers of A2 standard is available: click here.

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